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AR Reading Program

Accelerated_Reader_is_a_program__that_helps_students_improve_their__reading_comprehension. Card IconAccelerated Reader is a program that helps students improve their reading comprehension.

Here is how it works:
  1. Students choose books at their appropriate reading level.
  2. Students read at their own pace.
  3. Students take a multiple-choice quiz on the computer and earn points to get prizes.

AR_Home_Connect Card IconAR Home Connect

AR_Chart_ Card IconAR Chart

AR_Book_Finder Card IconAR Book Finder

Wondering if you can earn points for reading a certain book? Look the book up here.

Accelerated_Reading_Log Card IconAccelerated Reading Log

This is a reading log to track reading progress throughout a month’s worth of reading.

How_Points_Are_Determined Card IconHow Points Are Determined