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School Rules

Hagginwood maintains a safe and orderly environment.  All students are expected to follow 3 rules. Students are:
  • Be Respectful
  • Be Responsible
  • Be Safe

Hagginwood’s School Wide PBIS Behavior Expectations


Be Safe

Be Respectful

Be Responsible

School Wide

  • Stay on school grounds

  • Walk your bike or scooter

  • Follow directions from all adults

  • Keep toys and electronics at home

  • Be at the right place at the right time

  • Hallways

    • Walk in the lanes

    • Hands at your side or behind your back

  • Use voice level 0

  • Quiet hands and feet

  • Have a pass if you’re not with your class

  • Go directly to your destination

  • Cafeteria

    • Walk and stay in line

    • Keep hands feet, and objects to self

    • Stay seated

    • Sit 4 students to a bench

  • Use  voice level 2

  • Listen to supervising staff

  • Keep food to self

  • Pick up all the trash

  • Raise your hand if you need help

  • Exit quietly

  • Playground

    • Keep hands, feet and objects to self

    • Stay in boundaries

    • Use equipment properly

  • Follow game rules

  • Use kind words and actions

  • Include everyone in games

  • Throw away all trash

    • Snack must be eaten in picnic area

    • Freeze and use  voice level 0 when bell rings

    • Walk to your number when whistle blows and wait for your teacher


    • Keep water in the sink

    • Leave when you’re done

    • Go directly to your destination

  • Respect others’ privacy

  • Flush toilet after use

  • Use Voice Level 2

  • Keep bathroom clean

  • Wash your hands and throw away paper towels in bins

  • Take care of business and return to class

  • Assembly

    • Keep hands and feet to yourself

    • Walk to sitting area

    • Enter and exit quietly

  • Voices off when speaker is talking

  • Clap or laugh at the right times

  • Be an active listener

  • Stay in your seat

  • Follow directions the first time asked

  • Library

    • Walk slowly and carefully

    • Hold and handle books gently

  • Keep voice off or at a whisper

  • Sit and stay in seat unless otherwise directed

  • Use book markers when browsing for a book

  • Put furniture back how you found it

  • Computer Lab

    • Leave food or drinks in your classroom

    • Walk slowly and carefully

    • Stay in assigned seat

  • Keep voice off or at a whisper 

  • Keep your eyes on your own computer

  • Visit approved websites only

  • Office

    • Walk into and out of the office

    • Open office door slowly

    • Stay in seat

  • Wait your turn to speak

  • Present your pass when entering the office

  • Say “Please” and “Thank you”

  • Be ready to state why you are  in the office

  • Follow directions of office staff

  • Go directly to destination with pass in hand

  • Pick Up

    • Walk directly to your meeting location

    • If you are waiting for a ride, wait in front of the office and behind the railing 

    • Use the crosswalk

  • Say “goodbye” and “Thank you” to adults

  • Sit quietly while waiting

  • Keep all belongings with you at all times

  • Walk directly to designated pick up area or walk home

  • Drop Off

    • If arriving by car or bus, exit the vehicle safely at drop off area in parking lot

    • Look both ways before crossing a road

  • Say “Hello” and “Good morning” to adults and friends

  • Come to school with a “Ready to learn” attitude

  • Arrive on time

  • Walk bicycle, scooter or skateboard on campus

  • Be on your spot in the line when the bell rings