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School Site Council

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responsibilities of the school site council

  • Develop, approve and monitor the School Plan for Improvement
  • Attend meetings throughout the school year.
  • Allocate funds for School Improvement Program, ELA/English Language Learner, Title I, etc.
  • Annually review the School Plan-establish new budget, modify to reflect changing needs
  • Recommend approval of the plan by the District Governing Board
  • Meet on a regular basis
  • Monitor and evaluate programs
  • Participate in Coordinated Compliance Review process
  • Develop system for ongoing communication with school and district groups
If you have questions, please call us at 916.566.3475 for information about Hagginwood's School Site Council.
School Site Council Meetings are open to the public 
School Site Council Bylaws 

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Site Council meeting schedule

Meeting Location: Zoom* 
*Contact the office for the Zoom login credentials 
TIME: 2:45-3:45 Via Zoom
20/21 School Site Council Meeting Focus
November 10, 2020  ~ Election of Chair Person, Secretary, SSC Training, Review of bylaws, Addendum
December 8, 2020 ~Review of School Plan for Student Achievement, Addendum Approvals if needed
January 26, 2021 ~Needs Assessment, Addendum Approvals if needed
March 9, 2021 ~Review of School Progress to Goals, Needs Assessment, Addendum Approvals if needed
May 4, 2021 ~Review of 21/22 School Plan, Addendum Approvals if needed
May 18, 2021 ~Review of 21/22 School Plan, Addendum Approvals if needed  
November 10, 2020     11/10/2020 Agenda   11/10/2020 Minutes 
December 8, 2020  12/8/2020 Agenda   12/8/2020 Minutes 
January 26, 2021   1/26/2021 Agenda   1/26/2021 Minutes 
 March 9, 2021   3/9/2021 Agenda    3/9/2021 Minutes 
May 4, 2021  5/4/2021 Agenda     5/4/2021 Minutes 
May 18, 2021     

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Site Council Members 2020-2021

  • Marc Moorehead (Principal)
  • Sana Abdussamed (Counselor)
  • Kathryn Messenger (Teacher)
  • Marie Gallegos (Teacher)
  • Erin Pressler (Teacher)
  • Sandra Ceja (Parent/Community Member)
  • Yuridiana Garcia (Parent/Community Member)
  • Antawn Bryant (Parent/Community Member)
  • Marjeanne Lobese-Torres (Parent/Community Member)
  • Danny Reyes (Parent/Community Member)